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Part of me wonders if this a suicide mission disguised as a game.

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i may speak only 2 languages but i sing in like 30

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As the Halcyon era comes to a close I cannot help but think about how much this album has changed my life. This may sound overdramatic, but I feel like the music of the Lights era awakened by soul and Halcyon healed it. I remember back when Anything Could Happen first came out and then  the Halcyon album trailer where we all tried to figure out what each track was. At the time, I had no idea how much this album would impact my life, I am sure others feel the same. There’s something about Halcyon—it’s one of those rare albums that you never get sick of, every song creeps its way into your soul and makes you feel invincible in a way. Sometimes I just listen to the album on repeat because the journey it takes you on is truly remarkable. This album taught me so much and made me feel so much it’s unreal. So, here’s to Halcyon and to Ellie’s third album, cannot wait to see what she comes up with next! :)

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all these wordswill never never never change
all these words
will never never
never change

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Joel Veltman’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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9 pictures of Viktor Fischer

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cher lloyd at the vmas

Cher Lloyd || 2014 MTV Video Music Awards (August 24th)

Cher Lloyd || 2014 MTV Video Music Awards (August 24th)

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Joel Veltman asked by Anon


Veltman: ‘The Best Plays’ (x)

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